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[04 Jan 2005|09:50pm]


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WEE. [29 Dec 2004|03:22pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The other morning,I was walking out into my carport,and I had on these boots,and I was carrying my cd's and cd player to my Trailblazer..AND I FELL AND BUSTED MY ASS ON THE CONCRETE,lmaoooooo.

*Kisses U All With Imaginary Kiss Blower** :D :D :D

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HEY ALL [28 Aug 2004|01:28am]

[ mood | blah ]

hey all... i am new to this community but i checked it out and it is my kinda place. my name is jessica and im 20 years old... whassup...

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Am I just trying to hard? [12 May 2004|12:23am]

Does anyone know why nice guys never get the gurl? I sure don’t!

I randomly give gifts to friends when I am thinking of them. I also drop whatever I am doing to be with them. I have been told by way to many gurls that I am just too sweet, too nice, and too loving to become serious with... what does that mean? I Love To Love! It’s a drug to me!

I am very non- possessive. Is that my problem? Do I trust too much? Can you trust too much? I can’t just love less! This post is mainly for gurls because I have had enough advice from guys...

Example: One of my better guy friends told me that he just ignores his girlfriend sometimes to get attention from her. I tried this (well a deluded version of it) and I failed miserably. She said I was never happy to see her! My friend said I had to pick my moments better…

Example: Another friend told me that he intentionally starts arguments to make up latter so it looks like he came to his senses... I have some jerk friends... the advice they are giving sux! Help Gurls! How can I fix this?
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Sweetums [18 Feb 2004|06:19pm]

[ mood | embarrased ]

I am a huge goofball. I am in love with a cat that hates my guts. My precious Sweetums. (named after the muppet for gods sake) and my friends think I'm cool. Oh the things I hide to keep them under this impresstion.

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two for the price of one [22 Apr 2002|11:38pm]
[ mood | sneee ]

Double the dork or your money back!

<3 <3 <3
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Jeremy and my feelings for him :) <3 [30 Mar 2002|01:31pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

What a day! Its Good Friday, and its been fun! I wish certain things couldve happened, but its okay because I still
had a good time. I spent most of the day with Jeremy, and I really really like him. He drove us around, and he is so

sweet. We got to the topic of rollerblading(inside joke for smoking pot) and it turns out he has never gone rollerblading. It was crazy, so were

planning on corrupting him, but in all honesty, if he truly doesnt want to, then I have no intention of making him.

Besides rollerblading is a lot of fun, but it has its cons, so if he doesnt want to, Im okay with that, and I just hope

that he isnt turned off that I have. The good thing is that I dont do it much, in fact, Ive only done it maybe 4-5

times in my life (once in 9th grade and then 3-4 times since Janurary) He didnt hold my hand in the movies and I

really wanted him to, and there was no kiss goodnight...Im wondering if he even is attracted to me or if he was just

being--if he just wants to be friends. I hope not, because I really like him. Im so excited about prom, itll be great. I

went running/walking today so that was a good thing. I took a shower and shortly after Jeremy came over, we hung

out in my room, talking and watching tv and then we went to starbucks, hung out for 15 minutes, went to Katies,

hung out for like an hour or two and then we all went to the movies. We had to leave early because Katie had to go

home to babysit. I cant say that I love him, its such a strong word, but I really want to be close to him. I want to

spend most of my time with him, I want to sit up in my room and just lay with him being close to him watching

movies. I just want his protective arms around me, I just want him. Thats all, I just want him. It pains me to think

that he may not like me, maybe Im not what he expected, maybe Im not pretty enough, , clean enough, good

enough. Amanda and everyone says he likes me, but what if he doesnt. I wish I had the courage to take his hand in

the theater today, and I wish I couldve at least given him a peck on the cheek, and I wish I could tell him how I

really feel. But, then again, theres always tomorrow, and maybe tomorrow Ill have the courage to do even just one

of those things. Amanda and Liz are coming over to watch movies in a bit, so Im going to go...Im just going to

copy some poems I wrote in my notebook about my feelings for him the other day...grant i was studying sonnets at

the time! No titles

Poem #1

Such an overwhelming happiness

Where did it spring from?

I am smiling again with gleefulness

Not the cynical, usual bitter one

Blame it on the medication

Or, if you wish, the changes

But in my heart and mind, sedation

I know its from when you came

Nothing can be perfect, that is given

but though my problems and ailments loom

there is a magic in the air which is livin

How else can I do but have my love bloom?

Poem #2

Doubt, wonder skip through my mind

Are the rumors true, is your heart mine?

I am told that you love me, but is it true

why me?Is it me that your heart chose?

I dont know how this works

I am inadequate and insecure

What I know, is the intense feelings for you

What they are I havent a clue

You bring me elation and a skip of my heart

I cant help but think Ill pinch and not feel

Many a times I have thought of you

Not quite knowing if the dream would come true

If you know of relationships keys, point me in the right direction please

I know I want to be with you, but how to keep it so, I just dont know

Guide me, so I can love you better

Teach me, so I can know you better

Love me, and youll never know whats better.


Well I talked to Amanda and she gave me this look when I asked her if she thought Jeremy liked me or if he was just being nice...and said that "he's only been in love with you since he moved here!" and I questioned that "how do you know" sort and she was like "because in band all last year, you were in front, I was in the sort of back and he was across the room and everytime I looked back he was just staring at you...then whenever he talked with us, it was when you were there, he never talked to me when you weren't there...and in which case (one time) he asked about you...and I just put all that together..."

So I sort of just was like, I sure hope you're right...but I got happy again, like, oh gee, he DOES like me, unless his feelings have changed...so the doubts came again and this all reminds me of "Truthfully" by Lisa Loeb

This isn't what I like to call flattery,

but I know that I believe that I've found what's true

That I"ve found what's you

Truthfully I am finding finally

Truthfully you have helped me find at last

Truthfully we are finding out what's true

Truthfully I am finding out what's you

Suprise 'cause I was flying a plane

Suprise 'cause I was smiling again

Suprise 'cause you showed up with your parachute

Suprise I am kind of happy that you showed up

Truthfully I am finding finally

Truthfully you have helped me find at last

Truthfully we are finding out what's true

Truthfully I am finding out what's you

Truthfully I can't explain, I'm floating, smiling again

Truthfully I can't ignore you, 'cause I've been waiting for you

Truthfully I'm not desperate yet I haven't changed my mind since we first met

The last thing I want to do is to tell you that I'm right for you

Truthfully I am finding finally

Truthfully you have helped me find at last

Truthfully we are finding out what's true

Truthfully I am finding out what's you

I'm finding finally

I'm smiling again...

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hello [16 Feb 2002|08:54am]

[ mood | busy ]

hey i used to be imafistshaker but i
changed my name --> studenthandbook

i just wanted everyone to know.

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he feels bad [12 Feb 2002|01:09pm]

[ mood | unsung once too often ]


I am such a TOTAL dork around beautiful women.

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hello... [26 Jan 2002|11:30pm]

[ mood | loved ]

i've been a member for a while... so now im posting something.


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OMG! [02 Dec 2001|09:54pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I went on a date with EL his name is Monty and It was so cool..the bad part is he is 9 years older than me :( I dunno what to say or do about that....

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Blah [18 Nov 2001|01:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

tomorrow is monday there is only one good thing about mondays! I get to see him!

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oh wow [17 Nov 2001|01:52pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I have been thinking about him all day.. I feel bad that his Grandmother died. I hope he is okay and that I will see him soon!!


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Hee hee [17 Nov 2001|02:51pm]


I just caught myself.

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ooohhh [16 Nov 2001|08:22pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Poor Monty... (EL) his Grandma died :(

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Sexy UPS [14 Nov 2001|11:41pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

I work for a company called Mailboxes Etc.. so I see all sorts of people. Fedex carriers, UPS Drivers and Usps postal workers... All are cool except for one... We'll call him "L" Well I liked L for a while but that quickly changed. Then I met the greatest most sexiest guy ever... (He's Better than George Clooney!) He works for UPS.. My friend and I call him "EL" Cuz he looks like L But much darker, taller, and better looking.. L is white...very white and Short. and blonde... *Sigh* I think I am stuck! I really like him too! I guess we'll have to wait and see if something happens!! Heres to hopin!

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Hi! [14 Nov 2001|09:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I am new to this Community! I will introduce myself.. My name is Crystal and I am from Washington..

I hope to hear from you all soon!

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[12 Nov 2001|12:32am]

So I bought some music that she likes. Does that make my crush official?

Or is it not till I tout them as my favorite band, no matter what I really think of them?

Or is it when I have all the CDs and am forcing my friends to listen to them and claiming they're the greatest band ever, to the point where my fandom far exceeds her initial interest in the band?

I'm just kidding; I don't really care!
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This girl's got a grip; where's mine? [09 Nov 2001|12:41pm]

[ mood | she's trying to kill me ]


She might what now? Credit rules!

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